The Kendricks



The Kendricks are a Los Angeles based indie-rock band, who's debut EP “Farewell” was released in summer of 2015. Their follow up EP "Fire At Sea" arrives April 29th, 2016. 


“Farewell” and "Fire At Sea" were built organically in a house on a hill in Temecula Valley. Influenced heavily by the starry desert skies and the coyotes that visited the band in the dark nights while they produced their record.


These songs are soulful and hard, stripped yet hued by velvety milieu through rich guitar work and sentimental influences. Lyrically, The Kendricks, strike center between abstract theories in thermodynamics, the guttural humanity of war-time politics, and Spanish Civil War references.  You will hear nods to classic and folk rock, vintage alternative, and a good sense for pop.  


The Kendricks met in Film School, developing their sound through live gigs across southern California in between study. Over time, they grew restless for music, realizing their passions were all in for noise.  In Fall of 2014, they took the time off from school to focus on their music and record their album. Now, The Kendricks are back from the desert and they are touring in support of their new musical offerings.






Photo By: Yiftach Belsky




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